Kick Off Your 2019 Resolutions with Apple Watch Apps

Happy New Year! It’s that wonderful time where you can make resolutions to improve yourself in the new year. If you unwrapped an Apple Watch over the holidays and set resolutions for better habits in 2019, here are our favorite apps to get you started!

Resolution: Get more or better sleep

App Solution: AutoSleep, $2.99
We’ve tried many sleep trackers and this is worth the $3 bucks. Sleep tracking was the one feature the FitBit always beat the Apple Watch at—until now. It works the way it should: automatically! No need to tell your watch that you are now commencing sleep mode, or keeping your iPhone on your bed, or sacrificing haptic alarms. AutoSleep will automatically detect that you’re asleep (even naps!) and will analyze your sleep quality with impressive accuracy.

Resolution: Drink more water

App Solution: WaterMinder, Free
Until the Apple Watch can someday detect your H2O levels, custom reminders and trophies are a close second.

Resolution: Lift all the things!

App Solution: Strong, $4.99 a month or $29 a year (but the free version is excellent!)
Track those reps, sets, and personal records, and progress with this incredibly intuitive interface. Strong has a large database of strength exercises and includes video tutorials. This app has everything: warm-up and plate calculators (kilos and lbs!), automatic rest timers, 1RM calculators, RPE tracking, tagging sets as warm-up, failure, and dropsets, supersets—they really thought of everything. And of course, Strong works with HealthKit and will automatically start a workout and track your heart rate. The free version is surprisingly full-featured but if you’re a gym rat, the pro version is worth it.

Resolution: Exercise more (but also less)

App Solution: Intervals, Free
Burn more calories in less time? Gotta love HIIT (high intensity interval training)! Intervals is a powerful, highly customizable, and intuitive HIIT workout app. Get an audible (or not!) and haptic notification when it’s time to sprint, time to walk, or the best notification: cool down! There are, surprisingly, very few apps that do this! Even the holy grail apps that have been around since the original Apple Watch don’t offer this simple functionality. Intervals is compatible with HealthKit and logs your calories, heart rate, distance, and pace. A great

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