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Connecttron 8-in-1

All of Apple’s new Macs now come with USB-C ports, the laptops only have USB-C ports. So if you’re moving to a new Mac (congratulations), you may need a way to connect your old cables and chips to your hot new Mac. 

We’ve sold a few different brands but we really like the Connecttron Hubs. They’re solid, reliable and have all the ports almost everyone needs. The 8-in-1 connects to 3 USB-A ports (the ones you know and love), ethernet, USB-C charging port, HDMI, SD and micro SD card readers, all for $99. Mike uses one and you should too!


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Mike’s Tech Shop Appointment Scheduler



Mike’s Tech Shop now takes appointments for service. 

Our new appointment scheduler is available on our home page

Of course, you can still walk in without an appointment but if you prefer to make an appointment, we now have that option for you.

Please note that all fields are required. When you come to the store please sign in on one of our iMacs using the email address you used to make the appointment.


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