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Connecttron 8-in-1

All of Apple’s new Macs now come with USB-C ports, the laptops only have USB-C ports. So if you’re moving to a new Mac (congratulations), you may need a way to connect your old cables and chips to your hot new Mac. 

We’ve sold a few different brands but we really like the Connecttron Hubs. They’re solid, reliable and have all the ports almost everyone needs. The 8-in-1 connects to 3 USB-A ports (the ones you know and love), ethernet, USB-C charging port, HDMI, SD and micro SD card readers, all for $99. Mike uses one and you should too!


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Mike’s Tech Shop Appointment Scheduler



Mike’s Tech Shop now takes appointments for service. 

Our new appointment scheduler is available on our home page

Of course, you can still walk in without an appointment but if you prefer to make an appointment, we now have that option for you.

Please note that all fields are required. When you come to the store please sign in on one of our iMacs using the email address you used to make the appointment.


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Mike’s Now Offers iPhone Data Recovery

For years we have provided high quality and affordable data recovery for our Mac customers. Now we are pleased to offer iPhone data recovery for customers who can no longer access their pictures and data on their phones. We all know how central our phones have become to us. When bad things happen to your phone, we can help you get your data back. Using a variety of techniques, we can recover your most important data and in many cases, get you a full iTunes backup so youdon’t lose anything, not even a setting.

As a family-owned small-business Apple store, Mike’s Tech Shop is honored to provide New York City a premium Apple retail experience since 2007. We sincerely appreciate your support and continued patronage and we look forward to offering these new services to all of our great customers.


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Need an iPhone repair? Skip the Genius Bar

Mike’s Tech Shop now repairs iPhones! We have been providing a boutique alternative to the Apple mega stores for over a decade and we are thrilled we can now offer iPhone customers the same high quality service you’ve come to expect from us for your Mac needs.

We can repair your iPhone whether it’s out of warranty or has AppleCare+, and always with genuine Apple parts installed by an experienced and Apple Certified iOS Technician. Many iPhone repairs can be done within an average 2 hour turnaround time and no need to make an appointment. We replace displays, batteries, and more on iPhone 7 or later. If you need a repair, be sure to back up your iPhone and turn off Find My iPhone before dropping off for service. If you do not have a backup, we can back it up for you.

As a family-owned small-business Apple store, Mike’s Tech Shop is honored to provide New York City a premium Apple retail experience since 2007. We sincerely appreciate your support and continued patronage and we look forward to offering these new services to all of our great customers.

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Products we love: Apple AirPods

AirPods are the best new product from Apple in the past few years. They are the epitome of what Apple does best: seamless integration of hardware and software to create a great customer experience. They are effortless. The W1 chip allows near-instant pairing and usage on multiple devices. Their lightweight balance makes them practically forgotten once placed in your ears. AirPods just fit and just stay – even during periods of physical activity (yes, they pass the running test). They also get recharged every time you store them in the included case, making charging almost too easy.

AirPods are ranked as one of, if not, the best in Bluetooth headphones on the market. They maintain their connection far, far better than any competitor. The brilliant charging case only needs to be charged (with an included Lightning cable) about once a week for most users. Unlike your iPhone or iPad, AirPods are almost always charged when you want them to be.

Where they really excel is in voice quality in a wireless headphones. Whether you’re taking a call or in a Google Hangout, the audio quality is excellent: no drops, no low audio, and minimal background noise. For people who video or audio conference frequently, AirPods are a must-have item.

They are so in demand, they have been almost constantly out of stock at most Apple Stores since they came out in April 2017. It’s less than a week until Christmas and we have them in stock (as of the writing)! They make a great holiday gift for anyone who has an iPhone.

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Mike’s Tech Shop E-Waste Recycling Event

This Saturday, September 23rd, 10am-4pm

We’re once again teaming up with the Lower East Side Ecology Center to host an e-waste recycling event this Saturday 10am-4pm. Bring your old Macs, iPads, iPhones, anything Apple: computers phones, or tablets and we will make sure it gets recycled responsibly.

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Select Open Box Macs and iPads 20% off!

We are selling all Open Box 15-inch MacBook Pro, 27-inch iMacs  and 9.7-inch iPad Pros for 20% off their regular price.

Open box products were purchased and then returned. They have all been tested and restored to factory settings (when necessary).

Quantities are limited to items in stock.

See our specials page: Mike’s Specials

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Protecting Your Mac: Best Practices

The news has been abuzz lately with stories of “ransomware” infecting thousands of Windows PCs throughout the world. While the Mac operating system is generally more secure and less prone to these type of attacks, it is still nonetheless important to follow a few simple rules to make sure to keep your Mac running smoothly and to keep your data safe and secure.

Backup your data
This is the most basic and simple recommendation, but it’s astonishing how many people don’t follow it. Exactly how to back up your data would be a whole separate article in itself, but the simplest would be using an external hard drive to create a Time Machine backup. Those that are a little more Mac savvy can use a program like Carbon Copy Cloner by Bombich Software ( to have more control over exactly what data gets backed up and how frequently. Having an off site backup service such as BackBlaze is also a valuable backup method. In a worst case scenario, computers can typically be wiped back to their original factory settings and having a current backup can save you thousands of dollars and/or hours of valuable time.

Keep your Mac OS up to data
Another simple practice is to ensure that you are running all of the security updates for your Mac operating system. Malware and viruses typically take advantage of flaws in the OS. When these flaws are discovered, Apple is extremely efficient at closing these security loopholes quickly, but that will only protect you if those security updates are installed. In fact, your Mac will ask you if you want to install these updates automatically and you should definitely say yes. Any Windows PC whose OS was up to date was not affected by the recent ransomware attack.

Don’t trust any Internet pop-ups
We’ve all gotten these. You’re navigating your way through the Internet when a window pops up warning you that something on your computer is out of date. Most commonly the target is Adobe Flash, as Adobe does tend to update their web based media player quite frequently. However, because of this, this is a common way nefarious programmers will try to trick you into installing malicious software on to your computer. You should ignore this warning and close the window. To check if Flash needs to be updated, you can navigate directly to Adobe’s web site ( to confirm if there is a new version of Adobe Flash available.

Beware of malware mascarading as virus protection
Another popular pop up warning you’ll often receive is a message that your computer is vulnerable to attack. This warning will be followed with a link to some kind of “protect your Mac” software. One of the more popular ones is called MacKeeper. These messages can often seem very legitimate, but don’t trust them. In my 15+ years of experience using and servicing Macs, I have yet to come across any of these protection software that have any real value. While most aren’t malicious and won’t much harm to your computer, they won’t offer any benefit either. At best they’ll just try to convince you to pay for upgrades to unlock even more useless features you don’t need and at worst it will be a virus in disguise.

The exception to the above rule
There is one piece of software that’s good to have in your Applications folder and launched on a regular basis. The software is called MalwareBytes ( Unlike MacKeeper-type applications, MalwareBytes does not constantly run in the background. It will only run when you launch it. This software is updated frequently, so if it tells you there’s an update when you launch it be sure to install the update to make sure MalwareBytes finds the most current threats. When it runs, it will scan your computer for any currently known malware and remove it.

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Gifts for Dads and Grads

Open Box Specials

Great gift ideas for Dad, 10% off.

  • iPad mini 4 Wi-Fi 16GB Space Gray – Originally $399 Now $199
  • iPad Mini 4 Wi-Fi 32GB Gold – Originally $399 Now $229
  • iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi 32GB Space Gray – Originally $499, Now $279
  • iPad Pro 9.7-inch 32GB Space Gray – Originally $599 Now $539
  • Apple Watch S1 38mm Rose Gold Alum. Sports Band – Originally $269 Now $242
  • iPod Touch 64GB Blue – Originally $299 Now $269

Quantities limited to items on hand. No substitutions or rain checks. (Sorry.)

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New Mac Pro

The New Mac Pros are shipping put in your order today!



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