COVID-19 Response

Updated Store Hours

MIke’s Tech Shop is now open for modified hours:

  • 10am-6pm Monday through Sunday
  • You do not need an appointment for data recovery, picking up a repair or making a purchase

We understand that now, more than ever, it is important for your technology to be up and running. It is our priority to keep our customers and our team safe during the global pandemic.

We have two ways that you can get your Mac serviced: Contactless check-in or In-person appointment. Click here to get your Mac serviced. Unfortunately due to staffing issues, we cannot service iPhones at this time.

As always, we strive to provide the quickest repair turnaround possible and we will do our best to accommodate your repair.

We understand your experience at Mike’s Tech Shop may look different during this time and we thank you for your patience and understanding.

Working from home: Tips from our senior MTS Pro Tech, Sean Hansell

I have been working from home for over four years, and full-time for almost two of those. It can be the greatest boon or bane to your productivity, depending on your ability to discipline yourself and avoid distractions. Some of you are now working from home for the first time in your careers. To that end, allow me to proselytize for a moment my own experience, so hopefully I can help you with this adjustment.

  1. Have a dedicated space in your home that is “work” and then go to “work” when you’re working. Try to avoid working from your bed or couch as it will drastically reduce your effectiveness. If you can handle the standing desk for 4 hours or more, I challenge you to do so. Sitting is death. If your family is home with you, communicate with them to establish your time as dedicated to work and get them to help you limit the interruptions you have while working.

  2. Set your schedule. Set a start time and an end time to your work day and stick to it. Your mind will not automatically drop out of “work mode” unless you have some kind of alarm, reminder, or other delineating line to separate your work time from the rest of your life.

  3. Give yourself time to decompress before and after work. Most of us regularly have some sort of commute to and from work. Subconsciously, your brain uses this time to spin yourself up for work at the beginning of the day and spin your mind down at its end. Build this time, at least 15 minutes, into your work from home schedule to allow your mind to switch gears between the two main phases of your daily life.

  4. Take breaks. At the office, we naturally take time to grab a coffee, take lunch, or socialize with co-workers. It’s very easy when working from home to forget to eat, or stand, or engage with other humans at all. Set static times to take breaks and take them in full, in at least 15 minute increments. Be aware of your physical, mental, and emotional states and take care of yourself as appropriate.

  5. Video conferencing is your friend. Almost everyone needs basic socialization to stay sane. Working from home does not mean you need to be isolated from the rest of your team or company. If your company uses G-Suite or Office 365, schedule Hangout or Teams meetings (or FaceTime, or Skype, or Zoom/RingCentral, or WebEx, etc., et al.) instead of sending emails to get things done. Even if you don’t have a specific topic, schedule blank time to be on a video conference with your team. Even if you’re not saying much, having access to your compatriots for random conversation or to bounce ideas or simply communicating what you’re doing is beneficial to both productivity and sanity.

Welcome to the glorious world of working from home.

Need a bigger screen for your work from home video conferencing?

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See more on our specials page

Remote Support

MTS has spent years helping clients remotely, and also has recently been assisting many clients transition their staff into work from home scenarios.

Getting Help

Our Help Desk is standing by to help you. Simply Submit a Request, call 212-255-5364, or email [email protected]. Our team is manning the phones and queue 8am to 7pm and is ready to help you. If it is your first time reaching out, let us know, we will discuss rates and get you set up in our system.

Ongoing Support

If you’d like to formalize this relationship and allow any member of your staff to contact our team for support, you are a perfect candidate for our Remote Managed Services offering. Please fill out the Managed Services contact form and we will work out the details together.

COVID-19 Precautions

We are taking precautionary measures to provide the safest environment we can so we can continue to service our customers, including:

  • Rigorous and regular sanitizing of our customer-facing and employee-only areas with an emphasis on high traffic areas or items.
  • Sanitizing customers’ items before handling at our counter and post-repair.
  • Ensuring our team observes regular and thorough hygiene practices.
  • Implementing the proper use of gloves for store staff and repair technicians.
  • Sanitizing all shipments, including repair parts.
  • Reducing customer seating in the store.
  • Providing customers the option to send in items for repair via courier or mail.
  • Providing customers the option to have their completed repair mailed or couriered to them.
  • Directing non essential staff to work from outside the office so as to limit contact.