MTS Best Practices: Upgrading to macOS High Sierra

Apple seems to really want me to upgrade to High Sierra. My Mac asks me every few days if I want to upgrade. I almost want to upgrade just to get it to stop bugging me. But should I?

There are several things to think about before you push that all-too-convenient Install Now button.


First, do I need any of the new features. Most people don’t know what the features are but if you know you need something, then it’s probably worth upgrading. In the case of the newest macOS, High Sierra, most of the changes are under the hood changes, like a new file format, i.e. things most users can’t see and don’t care about. The biggest changes that users can see are in Photos and Safari. Apple’s full shpiel is here:

Age of my Mac

If your Mac is more than 5 years old, don’t upgrade. New software + old hardware = sadness. New software including operating systems are designed for the newest hardware. When you put them on old hardware, they make the computer feel so slow. Your new best friend becomes the spinning color wheel. It may even force you to go and buy more RAM from, oh I don’t know, Mike’s Tech Shop. If your Mac is more than 5 years old, no more software upgrades. Just ride it out until you get a new Mac.

Make sure you have a backup

The most important thing before you do any upgrade is to make sure that you have a good backup before you begin the upgrade. High Sierra requires a new format for your hard drive. It’s invisible, you’ll never notice the difference, but in order to reformat your drive, when you upgrade to High Sierra, it writes to your hard drive a lot. So if you’re hard drive is a little shaky or has some problems you’re not noticing yet, upgrading will bring your hard drive down. We have had many people come in with Macs that no longer work because they tried to upgrade to High Sierra.

Bottom Line

If you have a relatively new Mac and a backup, I’d upgrade. If your Mac is more than 5 years old, don’t upgrade. If you’re somewhere in between, see if you need or want any of these features Apple brags about in High Sierra and decide from there. No matter what, always have a good backup of your data before doing anything.

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