Our People

Michael Volchok


Mike started as the rollerblading computer guy in 1993, building an IT service and support company. In 2007, he opened Mike’s Tech Shop, Chelsea’s friendly neighborhood Mac shop.

Jerica Rosenblum

Support Services

Jerica joined MTS in 2009 and soon began to serve as Help Desk Manager. Her responsibilities eventually expanded to resource management, customer relations, and direction of our onsite support services.

James Sorrenti

Professional Services

James has focused on providing Managed Services offerings to clients for over 14 years, with a passion for bringing enterprise tier support to small and medium businesses. His mission is to improve the overall professional support experience from technician to consumer.

Michael Rubin

Corporate Sales

“Rubin” has been working with Macs professionally for over 26 years. He helped open Mike’s Tech Shop on Black Friday 2007, and now works in Corporate Sales. Prior, Rubin worked as a Mac Genius at the Apple Store at the Roosevelt Field Mall in Garden City, NY.