Employee Purchase Program

Terms & Conditions

Mike’s Tech Shop guarantees all labor and parts for a period of 90 days from the date of completion of the repair.

Mike’s Tech Shop will not be liable for any damage caused by fire, theft, accident, or any other cause, which is beyond its control.

Mike’s Tech Shop nor it employees will be held responsible for any cables, accessories that are not related to the repair.

Data loss can occur at any time during repair, or data transfer. Mike’s Tech Shop recommends that customers back up data prior to checking a computer in for any service or repair. Mike’s Tech Shop and its employees make no guarantees as to the integrity or recoverability of any data. Mike's Tech Shop makes no warranty as to the success of any recovery or backup attempt or whether any of the data, programs, or other information on the disk can or will be recovered, either in whole or in part, nor whether such data, programs, or information may be usable after the recovery or backup process.

Upon completion of the service, diagnostic, or repair, the customer must pick up the equipment and pay Mike’s Tech Shop any balance owed within 30 days of Mike’s Tech Shop attempting to contact him or her through the phone number or email address provided during device check-in. Any equipment not retrieved within 30 days will become property of Mike’s Tech Shop unless Mike’s Tech Shop agrees to other terms.

By checking in any equipment for repair customer specifically disclaims any direct, indirect or consequential damages arising out of the repair or failure to repair or return the equipment. The maximum total liability arising out of any service will be the total fees paid to Mike’s Tech Shop.